Calgary Parks #1: Pearce Estate Park

Calgary Parks #1: Pearce Estate Park

I was wondering which park to explore in the city that I hadn’t been to and mentioned it during a coffee break at work. One of my coworkers named off a few and I decided on Pearce Estate Park, which is only a 12 minute drive away and not hard to find. I checked the weather, the temperature having dropped below zero again, and picked the warmest day I would have off, Saturday. I charged up my drone and headed out just after lunch, taking my special touchscreen gloves and hand warmers just in case. Better to have them even if I don’t use them, which I ended up doing between battery changes. Good thinking ol’ chap.

I spied this odd-looking structure through the trees off the trail and stopped to read the nearby plaque. It was the “Lorna Jordan, Bow Passage Overlook, 2014” made from rundle stone and basalt columns. Perfect place to start. I found a dry spot on the wall and pulled out the drone for pictures and some video.

View from the top. Definitely an interesting looking structure…

I landed the drone when the first battery got low, stuck it in my backpack, and continued on. The walking path I was following meandered on by the water and went under a railroad bridge. I thought I might get some good shots of the bridge and some of the open water nearby. Just as I got the drone airborne, this fellow happened by…

It’s a little hard to tell, but he’s holding ski poles and was doing some cross-country right beside the pathway. Good for him I say! We have to just use what we have sometimes, instead of making excuses why not to do what we enjoy. I saw him again as I was leaving, going through the middle of the park. I’m sure he got a good workout, and enjoyed some nice scenery along the way.

I took some pictures lower near the water, than flew up for some panorama’s. I was on a bit of a time crunch so couldn’t cover the whole park, which means I have a nice excuse to go back, probably during warmer weather. For now though, the winter shots are nice enough. Hope you enjoy them!

Is it just me or does the water on the upper left look like a whale?

Downtown Calgary off in the distance to the right. Hopefully next I go out I can get some blue skies to go with the beautiful landscapes.

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