First Scouting Trip!

First Scouting Trip!

Last summer when I started getting the idea about droning and possibly making videos with it, one of the first spots I knew I had to fly and film was this beautiful waterfall about a 40 minute hike up behind my dad’s place. I’ve been there many times before, especially when I was trail running back when I lived in Invermere, and have seen the additions to the area. There’s a lookout platform with a picnic table overlooking the larger falls, and looking down and around, getting to the bottom from this point would be rather dangerous, slippery rocks and logs included. However, I have traversed enough of the area and one day stumbled upon the path which leads to the bottom. The safe route, as it were.

From the viewing platform, a pathway meanders through the woods, over a couple small bridges and by benches, ending near the road and an emerald pool.

Crossing the road, another pathway picks up which leads to some smaller falls. Here, a proper bridge crosses the stream, taking up the trail again which loops back around to the road. There is another picnic table on the far side of the bridge, and a couple benches to sit and enjoy the scenery, one regular, and a wooden swinging one!

If you look close, you may be able to see my companion for the day. She blends in well in the winter.

I took a bunch of pictures on this trip and some video to see how I might want to shoot it. I have some ideas, some of which are sure to change, but if the sun is shining, and it’s not too windy, I think it may just turn out alright. I’ll need to wait for the snow to melt and the ground to harden up again, so a video will be a little bit down the road, but I’m well on my way. In the mean time, enjoy the winter scenery. I sure did!

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